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Ugly Crier dupes don't produce water unless when crying on a ladder or on a pneumatic door

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This is a small, little bug that hasn't been fixed for years! It has been in the game since I dunno... the Tubular Upgrade or Occupational Upgrade during the Early Access days? I think it's the Occupational Upgrade.

Ugly Crier dupes are supposed to produce clean drinking water when they cry, but in most cases, they just produce a vacuum. However, if they cry while sitting on a ladder or pneumatic door (if there are no ladder tiles above or below), they actually produce clean, free, 100% pure drinking water literally (but not figuratively) out nowhere, violating the laws of the universe, physics and the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Sweet, sweet free water out of the kindness of a hopeless and hopelessly miserable dupe's heart!

If this is a feature and working as intended, please disregard this report.


In this screenshot, my favorite dupe Max is sitting on a pneumatic door crying and producing drinking water normally, like any good Ugly Crier dupe would do when all hope is lost.



But when he isn't sitting on a ladder or pneumatic door, just on a normal surface (mesh tiles included), a Vacuum is created instead. A vacuum is sorta nice I guess, but I much prefer drinking water.


Steps to Reproduce

1 - Torture an Ugly Crier dupe until stress HAPPINESS reaches 100%

2 - Place the dupe on a ladder or on a pneumatic door but without any ladder tiles above or below it. Clean, germ-free drinking water will be produced.

3 - Place the dupe on any floor or surface, including mesh tiles and if there is a ladder above or below a pneumatic door. A vacuum will be produced instead.

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