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  1. Changed Status to Fixed Thanks for reporting this. The issue has been fixed for the next update.
  2. Right you are. No files in the 'templates' directory were being handled in such a way as to be moddable. The fix is in and will be available to you in an upcoming patch.
  3. OneDrive tends to introduce file locking contention. The next build will retry the IO operation a few times, hoping the lock is temporary. Failing that, the error has been demoted from a dialog to debug log line so you shouldn't be seeing it any more.
  4. No mod functionality

    Changed Status to Fixed Fixed by keeping the Mods button always active and providing a Steam Workshop button in the Mods screen.
  5. This issue has been fixed for today's release. Happy modding!
  6. In general, the game extracts files on-demand from the Steam package. That is, your .json files are getting packaged, uploaded, and subsequently downloaded, but they aren't getting extracted. We are currently figuring out how to best support per-mod configuration.
  7. The next patch will allow the old ModLoader.dll system to better co-exist with the new built-in mod loading system. ModLoader.dll will load all mods in the OxygenNotIncluded/Mods directory; the built-in system will be responsible for all mods in the Document/Klei/OxygenNotIncluded/Mods directory. Note that the built-in system will only load DLLs that have been enabled in the Mods screen whereas ModLoader.dll will load all DLLs it finds.
  8. If you are looking to install a mod, subscribe to it via Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/app/457140/workshop/. It will automatically get installed to /User/Documents/Klei/OxygenNotIncluded/Mods/Steam and subsequently be visible in the Mods screen off the Main Menu. The manual method of installing mod .dlls via ModLoader.dll still works. Installation instructions are here: https://github.com/javisar/ONI-Modloader#quick-start A fix for installation of DLL mods on OSX is coming today. That'll have your subscribed mods show up in the Mods screen off the Main Menu as expected. The manual method of installing mods should still work though (https://github.com/javisar/ONI-Modloader#quick-start).
  9. @Chastomber Translation preview images will be back in the next patch.
  10. The Oxygen Not Included Uploader tool (found in Steam under Library/Tools) has been updated to support more and multiple tags. You may need to Verify Integrity of Tool Files (found in the Local Files tab of the Oxygen Not Included Uploader Properties dialog) to get the updated version.
  11. I have updated the topic to reflect the fact that the templates, elements, strings, and codex folders are moddable in addition to the worldgen folder.
  12. For those translators out there looking to get a jump on the next release, please note that translation files (.po and .pot) have been moved from StreamingAssets/Mods to StreamingAssets/Strings. This is the case in the Test Branch and will be made public on the next release.
  13. No mod functionality

    Changed Status to Known Issue Changed Note: to The Mods button is disabled if you have no mods installed. Go to the Steam Workshop to browse and subscribe to mods. Once you've subscribed to a non-Translation mod, the Mods button will be enabled. We'll improve the UI around this, probably by keeping the Mods button always enabled and directing you to the Steam Workshop from the empty Mods screen. Thanks for the feedback!
  14. Dupe will not eat

    Changed Status to Fixed