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two shine bugs in one room produce no light after one hatched

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If you look at the following screenshot you will see a bedroom on the left (assigned to a nyctophobic dupe) with two shine bugs, one elderly one nymph and neither are producing light, which happened when the nymph hatched as far as I can make out.

If you save at this point and reload, both start to produce light again, showing this is a bug, a shine bug...

So I include a save from just before the hatching. If you reload this and play until the hatching it is reproducible, both stop making light.

Curiously there is a cave top right with two more shine bugs in a similar situation one of which has also just hatched but they are still shining. One difference is that the cave bugs are not overcrowded when the bedroom bugs are. So the hatching occurred in an overcrowded bedroom. Another difference is the egg in the bedroom was moved by a dupe, by creating a sweep order for the egg to a sweep only compactor  and then interrupting the dupe carrying it at the point it was intended to be dropped by giving them a move order, which caused them to drop the egg without adding it to a compactor (this happened twice with two different compactors, one now deconstructed, to adjust the egg location). FYI in case it is relevant.

Hope you can track down the bug.


Dovecote Farm shine bug.zip

Steps to Reproduce

If you reload this save and play until the bedrooms egg hatches it is reproducible, both stop making light.


User Feedback

actually, this is a feature - an overcrowded shine bug does not emit light.
also pay attention - when the state of overcrowding changes, the light fades and lights up smoothly, for about 25 seconds at normal speed.
the only bug is that every time the safe is reloaded, the light is completely bright again, and again fades smoothly if the shine bug is overcrowded.

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yes, I tested and moving one out allowed both to glow again but I left the report because glowing on reload appears misleading, like a bug

its probably due to the fade animation playing from the start instead of the current state being saved and shown, same with dupes standing by beds if asleep at the time of the save, on reload they get into bed instead of being in bed already, however the bugs start the reload with full light

they appear to lose light faster when sleep time begins which is a bit odd

a minor issue but confusing


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