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The temperature of molten sucrose increases endlessly

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I found that there is no gas version of sucrose but there is some vaporized point (~ 800 degree)

So I decided to heat sucrose over this temperature with metal refineray.

then, the temperature of molten sucrose increases endlessly, and the game was broken when the temperature reached over 10000 K.

I think it is caused by absence of sucrose gases.

However, at this moment, it gonna be a perfect heat remover.(If I throw sucrose away into planet surface void)

Steps to Reproduce

1. melt sucrose to molten sucrose (with magma or something hot)

2. put it in metal refinery

3. use metal refinery with same molten sucrose

4. When the temperature of sucrose reached over 10000K, game gonna be broken

User Feedback

Can confirm, game hard crashes (no black hole menu) once the refinery produces liquid excessively hot.

I assume there should be some gas target for the evaporation since there is a listed temperature that isn't absurd.

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