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The "Small Amount of Material" Bug

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I've been setting up serpentine conveyor rail lines that run through steam, then hydrogen to tap and cool down liquid metals from metal volcanoes. An auqatuner liquid loop cools down the hydrogen chamber. The attached picture shows how this is setup. Normally, it works just fine, outputting solid metal around 40 C when the metal volcano is active. However, every once in a while the auto sweeper picks up a small amount of metal in the mcg's , probably because it is the last little bit of liquid metal left over from a volcano eruption. For some reason, this small amount doesn't cool down at all, even though other much larger amounts on the same conveyor rail are cooling down normally, so the conveyor rail temperature sensor doesn't allow the material through and the whole thing comes to a stop.

In the pictures below, the conveyor rail has 2861 mcg of cobalt at 1443.1 C and the temperature never changes. I need to temporarily flip the settings on the conveyor rail thermo sensor to get the small amount of cobalt out of the hydrogen chamber. Right next to it, in the other picture, is 7.7 kg of cobalt at 40.1 C.




Steps to Reproduce

Build a metal volcano tamer that uses a serpentine conveyor rail line to cool the metal down. Wait until the auto sweeper picks up a small amount of metal.

User Feedback

Upon further investigation, this is likely due to the 1g rule mentioned here:

I'm wondering, is it intended by Klei to function this way? Does it make sense to function this way?

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I think the 1g cutoff is intended. It removes a lot of calculation with next to no impact and potentially has a huge positive impact on performance.

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IIRC, this is a long existing bug that they've tried to fix many times before, but every time they do it ends up breaking the simulation in much more serious ways. I've come to realize that the 1g rule is probably here for the foreseeable future.


The best workaround I've found for this bug when a volcano tamer picks up a tiny amount of metal is to break up the rail with a drop point where all items come out of a chute onto a weight plate, then wire that weight plate up to only enable the sweeper arm that loads it back onto the next rail section when it can load a full 20KG packet, thus forcing the small metal packets to combine with more metal before loaded back onto the rail.


Here is my current rail cooler setup:






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