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Seems like the bug still exists. I started a new game after the release (December 30th). I played more than 500 cycles and could get to other asteroids. I moved artifacts to the rocket (pedestals inside the rocket) and carried them to my home asteroid. I cleared one of them and it was counted as a space artifact. The problem is that I will never achieve Cosmic Archaeology.

I attached some screens and the save file.

Is there a chance to get the achievement and not to start a new game again?







39 Cycle 583.sav

Steps to Reproduce

Load the given save file. Wait until a duplicant clean the saxophone, then check the statistics.

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User Feedback

Moreover, I loaded one of the previous save and tried to examine the artifacts directly on the asteroid where they stayed initially. I've got 2 space artifacts and 1 terrestrial. Another strange thing is that all 3 artifacts were placed on the same pedestal.




41 Cycle 579.sav

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I think I messed it up (maybe) by mixing space and terrestrial during the same transport. I am too stuck on 9/10 terrestrial.

I tried to cheese it by bugging it in the other direction by placing an entombed space artifact on a natural pedestal, saving, and then loading the save before removing and cleaning the artifact. It did not work and it still counted as space.

I ASSUME terrestrial is always found on ground and space is always found in space, and that the categories are not based on what the objects are (e.g. a cup is terrestrial while a glowing rock is space).

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I dug through the deep of the magma planet to grab a honey jar, I placed on a pedestral in my rocket, broght back to main base to analyse, and game considered it to be a space artifact insted of a terrestrial :(

Did I have to analyse in the magma planet instead? :cry:

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