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  1. +1, I had this bug several times when used trailblazer module
  2. Hello! I wanted to get Easy Livin' achievement, so I'd built a setup with Storage Bins, Auto-Sweepers and Rock Crushers (see attached screens). All sedimentary rock on the map is stored in these storage bins in a locked room (dups don't have access). Every day I give them a task to convert sedimentary rock into sand, and this is the only work they have (no other delivery work). Auto-Sweepers deliver the sedimentary rock into Rock-Crushers. The cycle is ending, I pause the game and see statistics like this (see saved game): Auto-Sweepers delivered: 26 Dups: 9 Then I unpause the game and the next cycle comes. I expect to see the cycle counter being incremented, but it is still 0. I repeat my actions several times, no changes at all, the counter is 0: "Auto-Sweepers outperformed dupes for cycles 0 / 5". Nevertheless after several cycles the achievement comes. So mainly it works, but I cannot see my progress.
  3. Hello! Currently I am trying to complete "Cosmic archaeology" mission. I have visited all asteroids, have been digging for a while, got some artifacts, analysed them. Also I visited my starmap with "Artifact Transport Module" grabbed some of them also. And I've got: Study 10 Terrestrial Artifacts: 0/10 Study 10 Space Artifacts: 11/10 Am I doing something wrong? What is the difference between terrestrial and space artifacts? How can I find and study a terrestrial Artifact?