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  1. +1 tried on other materials as well (ice, polluted ice , wolframite, granite)
  2. I had few fishes in herOutrageous Panopticon.save and they dissapered somehow, however the critter count is still 7 (no change after reload) even tho there are not critter in sight
  3. the atm suit dock is already fill with oxygen btw, oxygen is not moving at all
  4. gas not moving properly after last update (348980). on the sample screenshot oxygen wont move pass the first atmo suit even tho it comes from and output pipe and there is an input pipe in the other end was working fine before the update
  5. im getting the same freeze/crash output_log.txtSimDLL_CRASH_preview_348980_20190705-17.35.12.dmp Outrageous Panopticon.sav
  6. Game allows you to place building partially outside the map (see screenshot) and client crashes when its finish.