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Sugar (engine) caused the game to have a sugar crash

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OH MY GOD THIS CRASH MADE ME LOL SO HARD! 100/10 best crash so far!

Attached are screenshots, the game save and output log.



Also why does renaming a rocket platform automatically make dupes want to disable it so bad? Not shown in this screenshot though because I'm showcasing the true destructive power of sugar in Oxygen Not Included, especially when mixed with three crudely duct-taped soda bottle rocket "engines".



Steps to Reproduce

To replicate this bug...

1 - Build a rocket platform directly below a rocket platform that already has a rocket on top.

2 - Demolish the top rocket platform. I was expecting the rocket to drop to the lower platform but it doesn't.

3 - Build a new rocket on the lower platform, preferably with an engine that overlaps the upper rocket, so 3 height and above. I used the Sugar Engine here because it makes so much sense, especially when combined with three soda bottles.

Sugar causes a sugar crash in real life. In Oxygen Not Included, sugar caused the game to crash. It is indeed, the most destructive force in the universe.

Sebbado Utsus Cycle 1496.sav

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Also why does renaming a rocket platform automatically make dupes want to disable it so bad?

I believe this is due to the keybind to disable buildings is the "return" key, when changing the name and then pressing that enter key, it saves the name but also toggles the disable state. This doesn't happen if you use the numeric keyboard enter key.

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