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Rocket lauch causing black hole in U39-490405-5

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary.

System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[TKey,TValue].get_Item (TKey key) (at <695d1cc93cca45069c528c15c9fdd749>:0)
NavTeleportTransitionLayer.BeginTransition (Navigator navigator, Navigator+ActiveTransition transition) (at <84ec5be14c67406292956d199a0bec75>:0)
TransitionDriver.BeginTransition (Navigator navigator, Navigator+ActiveTransition transition) (at <84ec5be14c67406292956d199a0bec75>:0)
Navigator.BeginTransition (NavGrid+Transition transition) (at <84ec5be14c67406292956d199a0bec75>:0)
Navigator.AdvancePath (System.Boolean trigger_advance) (at <84ec5be14c67406292956d199a0bec75>:0)
TransitionDriver.UpdateTransition (System.Single dt) (at <84ec5be14c67406292956d199a0bec75>:0)
Navigator.SimEveryTick (System.Single dt) (at <84ec5be14c67406292956d199a0bec75>:0)
Navigator+States+<>c.<InitializeStates>b__5_2 (Navigator+StatesInstance smi, System.Single dt) (at <84ec5be14c67406292956d199a0bec75>:0)
BucketUpdater`1[DataType].Update (DataType data, System.Single dt) (at <158cd7482f89497392ec5a6ce92a5144>:0)
UpdateBucketWithUpdater`1[DataType].Update (System.Single dt) (at <158cd7482f89497392ec5a6ce92a5144>:0)
StateMachineUpdater+BucketGroup.AdvanceOneSubTick (System.Single dt) (at <158cd7482f89497392ec5a6ce92a5144>:0)
StateMachineUpdater.AdvanceOneSimSubTick () (at <158cd7482f89497392ec5a6ce92a5144>:0)
Game.SimEveryTick (System.Single dt) (at <84ec5be14c67406292956d199a0bec75>:0)
Game.Update () (at <84ec5be14c67406292956d199a0bec75>:0)

Build: U39-490405-S


Save file just before crash is attached:

The Beyond.sav


Steps to Reproduce

Send duplicants to another planet via rocket, see save file seconds before crash.


User Feedback

I loaded the save file and waited until the rocket landed at Abnormera but didn't encounter a crash, are you able to reproduce it again with this save?

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