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Rocket Control Station not saving the Interior Building Restrictions flag

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When checking the Interior Building Restrictions to "Grounded", all usable buildings are correctly marked as restricted.


(Img: Restriction flag checked, buildings restricted)


But, every time the game is loaded, all buildings are usable again, despite the Interior Building Restrictions flag is checked as "Grounded".



(Img: Restriction flag checked, buildings unrestricted)


This happens after a load game. Checking the flag will refresh the building restrictions correctly.

The interior buildings are probably ignoring or not verifying the Rocket Control Station restriction flag upon game load.

Steps to Reproduce

Construct some buildings inside a Spacefarer Module -> Check the Rocket Control Station "Interior Build Restriction" flag as "Grounded" -> Save game -> Load game -> Buildings won't be restricted

User Feedback

Yes, it happens every time on load in a built rocket interior. I had to put a location sensor connected to the rocket command module to automatically force the restrictions every time I loaded the save because I was tired watching dupes move things from storages from a grounded rocket to one that just landed

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