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  1. I know they're different. My point is it makes no sense at all the melting point being lower than the overheat point.
  2. I thought so, but it's probably a bug because the platform text indicates the overheat temp as 1980 ÂșC.
  3. As I launched a rocket from a lead rocket platform, the platform just melted! It leaves a cloud of gaseous lead, that rapidly vanishs through space. Tested with Cooper and Steel, and it worked fine. It's happening just with Lead.
  4. By selecting a liquid you can see its information at the popup panel. However, if you close the panel (i.e. by hitting the ESC buttom or clicking with the right mouse buttom), and selecting another liquid, the information shown is the previous one. The Information field probably isn't being properly cleared and refilled again, keeping the previous data. This issue happens in other saves as well. EDIT: Same is happening to other materials as well. Solids and Gases.
  5. The "Continuous" mark is always checked after loading the game, no matter how it was before. The game is probably resetting the flag on incubator object to TRUE at game loading, overwriting the previous value.
  6. After crafting left and right rooms on slanty shanty I found out they are actually the same. The game is acting like there is only one room, probably referencing the same object. Entering from the right or the left door on the main room sends to the same room. Obs: Save Game file attached for debugging. porkland_1
  7. As planting a flower, the game takes in consideration the mouse-over position at the moment of the action, rather than using the location of the plant action itself. The same happens to mini signs. 1. A valid location for mini sign placement. 2. At the moment of the action, moving the mouse to a invalid location prevents the action from being executed. 3. Keeping the mouse on a valid location (no need to be the same placement location, just a valid one) allows the action to be successful.
  8. I thought that way, but the other two memory toggles are inactive, even though they all get inactive signal at the same time. I even tried a bypass solution, where I force the filter gate connected to the reset port to stay active for 1 second longer, to make sure the memory gets inactive on set port and active on reset port. It works as long as I'm ingame. Upon loading, the memory toggle goes active again, and I have to deconstruct and reconstruct it. Feels weird. Will do.
  9. I made an automation setup for bunker doors/mechanized air locks, in which they would close at meteor showers, and then open again after (bunker doors right after, mechanized air locks given a certain time), so my mechanized air locks would "chew" the regolith 3 times before opening definitely. Problem is, after a time, one of the memory toggles is running active, even though all status are inactive, and this is breaking all logic input. The other two are behaving as expected. Any one would know why this is happening? Supernova.sav
  10. Holy... You guys are right, I'm just dumb. -.- You're right, it is a bit confusing. Makes sense, tho. The planets are BELOW the 20,000 km line, so they are IN the first band. Thank you, guys.
  11. This is happening in every single map world I create. I tried reinstalling the game, but didn't work out. They all have no planets on 10,000 km distance.
  12. EDIT: This is not a bug. I'm keeping in the tracker so others can read if mistaken like me. There are no planets on the first 10,000 km band on my world's starmap. With the Steam Engine (first and only one available), I can't go any further than that, making it impossible to go to space. As so, I cant' get the Data needed to research the other rocket parts, which makes me stuck. Supernova.sav
  13. Some items, when left on the ground in Slanty Shanty, are appearing inside some stores, as 'The Sty' Oddities Emporium or the Swinesbury Academy, as if the game assumes the store is the same place as Slanty Shanty, showing the item there. Edit: Not only the stores, but on Mant Hill as well.
  14. I'm not quite sure how it happened, but when I moved a stack of Manure and a stack of Berries from the inventory bar to a backpack slot (in different moments), they both vanished. Later on I found both of them in a chest previously spawned by a bandit stash map.