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Resource (Right Hand Column) Tab - Issues

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On the right side of the screen  we have Resources Tab that can be collapsed.  You have +See All.  

In the current live version of the game (not alpha DLC),  we're able to click on the resource to cycle through to locate resources.  This function no longer works.  
Example of use is if I want to find where my critter eggs are, I normally can click on it and it would cycle through all the eggs. 
DLC version - I can't do that any more.

Also, I have noticed that when you collapse the tab, hiding the list,   FPS  increases dramatically.

I've seen  56fps  when the resource tab is closed and 32fps  when it is opened for monitoring while playing. This makes tracking and playing very slow.

I mentioned it in the general forum about the visual issues as well.  Long names and resource numbers overlap making it hard to see.

Steps to Reproduce

See above.

(click on any items on resource list and it does not cycle through or locate item)

You can compare this to live version of game the behavior.

For FPS drops you can view FPS in corner using steam overlay.  Opening and closing resource tab and it will drop and increase accordingly.

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