Rail with conveyor rail thermal sensor becomes empty

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I have a volcano tamer that relies on conveyor rail thermal sensors to shut of a conveyor chute. I have noticed that the rail with the sensor sometimes remains empty even though it should allow items to pass over to it. My fix was adding a second sensor with a filter gate, however i noticed the same issue with the other sensor, although less frequent.

I have a feeling this has something to do with load sizes on the conveyor rails.

Here is my volcano tamer:



Steps to Reproduce

The way i encountered the bug is to have a thermal conveyor sensor controlling a conveyor chute.


User Feedback

My guess would be that gold melts again when passing behind the gold volcano. Empty packets on the rail don't disappear, so there is nothing for the sensor to measure. And since there is no loop letting packets pass, it just gets stuck Even if there was a loop, you need to evacuate the whole line from time to time because very small packets picked up by the auto-sweeper, can't change temperature and end up clogging the loop.

I think I see no gold in this packet but I may be wrong

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