Radbolt inconsistency

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I do not understand why Radbolts on this example behave differently based on their source, not on their path. Please explain.

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see the video for construction details.

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Radbolts do have a consistent diagonal path through tiles. It's just... different than you think :rolleyes:



*The image was made when radbolt reduction per tile was 1. Now it's 0.1 so you could probably fill the full map
**Different tiles to highlight the change of the 2-3-2-3 pattern


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Sorry for the late answer... Yup! Save file was from September '21. Still works :-D

On 7/20/2022 at 2:10 AM, SchlauFuchs said:

but how is it different?

So, in my example, diagonal counting goes like this:
Downwards: 0-3-2-3-2-...
Upwards: 1-3-2-3-2-...

What you did:
1. From generator is upwards 1-3 and it works

2. From redirector is upwards 2 and it doesn't work. It needs to follow the 1-3 counting first


If you want to use a redirector in this build it should be put one diagonal below the corner like that:



Here is the save for anyone wanting to check: Radbolt zig zag work.sav

It's magical  :lol:

*Save file was made before radbolt generators had a storage so there are 30k something radbolts ready to shoot
**Save file is ready made to just click play to let radbolts run around
***I have no idea if radbolts should/shouldn't work like this but it was fun testing it


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