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Planetoids getting discovered by themselves.

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I have noticed this in a play-through I am watching, now it happened to me as well: a planetoid that is way out of reach for my current CO2 rockets has just been discovered on their own. It got discovered when I logged in the game today and I received the notification.
With them, many tiles between my main planetoid and these newly discovered ones have also been uncovered as if a dupe scanned them with a telescope.
I even tried reloading a recent auto-save, but it had the same effect. Only loading an older save file did not produce the same effect.

I attached a screenshot of my actual revealed space-map and how it looks now.

ps. While this is not a game-breaking glitch, for me designing rockets and doing space exploration, especially early on is one of the most fun aspects of the DLC and I've just spent an hour trying to revert the map back without losing too much progress, so I'm reporting it here in the hopes of figuring out what's causing this weird glitch.

Edit: I also just noticed the self-discovered planetoid can be overseen as if I had a rocket in orbit.





Steps to Reproduce

Sadly I found absolutely no correlation between my actions and what causes the glitch. I did attach a save file which made the planetiod pop up upon loading.


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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

I remember there was a bug like this. It happened if you saved the game as the rocket was launching and then loaded it. The rocket when leaving your planetoid is still shown above the forbidden zone but technically that area belongs to a different planetoid that is invisible. Upon loading the game the rocket is momentarily present on a different planetoid and causes it to be revealed.

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I don't think I had any rockets launching, tho' I did had one traveling in space at the time. This is the first time I've been relying on CO2 rockets, and it's pretty early on, so I do a thorough pre-flight and see my dupes off when they launch. Cos the thing is that I loaded up the auto-save, which was made about 0.2 of a cycle before the save included here.. and the planetoid gets revealed as well. Only loading an older auto-save didn't had the same effect.

Hmm.. this got me thinking; maybe it has to do with saving during launch (possibly setting course in space as well, judging by the fact the only active rocket was mid-flight at that moment). Because at around the time of this auto-save I noticed my rocket status said [•Normal] even-though it was on a return journey back from a Space POI. If I remember correctly just moments later I had to leave so I saved the game and exited. Upon re-loading I got the planetoid notification pop up.


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This happened to me as well today.  Fired up ONI, clicked Resume, and got New Planetoid detected.  I don't even have any telescopes built anywhere at the moment, and none would be able to reach the new planetoid if I did.  I have purposely not orbited a few of the planetoids I already discovered to save a bit of FPS, but this one is "fully" discovered and shows in the Planetoid navigation list:


I thought maybe there was a chance one of my mods did this, so I exited, disable all mods, re-load, and it still occurs.

I thought OK let's to back to the previous autosave, and it still occurs when loading that one (cycle 164).  It does NOT occur when loading the autosave prior to that (c163).

The one rocket I have flying was launched sometime during c163.

Would you like either of those save files?  It won't let me attach more to this post, but I'll keep copies of them.

Also, this is a duplicate bug:


Player.log Corked Shotgun c151-2-a.sav DxDiag.txt

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I noticed that as well. Suddenly some planetoid was on the map and I am very sure no rocket ever came near it. Had that happen two times in my last map. 

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