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New planetoid reveals when reloading game

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

I loaded the game last saved when a rocket flying towards the gray planetoid, surprisingly it reveals a distant water asteroid in its direction. I had no telescopes on that rocket and my dupes never saw that far before. It also shows the surface and part of the core. 





Steps to Reproduce

1. Save the game when a rocket is on its way to a planetoid.

2. Reload the game to discover an unexplored asteroid on the direction it's going with a complete view of the surface and a peep of the inner core.

User Feedback

From my limited testing in colonies with less than 5 discovered planetoids, it seems:

  • The bug manifests when a rocket launches and enters orbit. It must also be the first rocket built.
  • It will only persist when a save is made while the ship is in space.  Therefore loading a save after the moment a ship enters orbit will have the bug.
  • The release of a rover has no bearing on the bug's manifestation. 
  • The lower left corner of the rogue discovery will not be revealed until a save is made, auto or user initiated, and then loaded.  This is confirmed by debugging to reveal all planetoids before the rocket enters orbit after launch.
  • If a ship completes its journey by landing on a platform, subsequent saves will not have the rogue planetoid bug.  This would indicate the bug is most likely caused by the map location allocated for the rocket interior of the first rocket built.

I have had this bug on three consecutive cluster colonies.  Please fix.

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