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  1. I've had this happen too, also with the ocean asteroid.
  2. Additional info: This can apply to anything inside the rocket, and only happens if the grounded state is set manually. It does not happen if the grounded state is controlled by automation.
  3. Since 489821 Sweepys do not work in a small area. They just sit around doing nothing. Maybe they've unionized? For instance, before 489821, I had a 4 tile area next to my super computer with a hydro sensor hooked to a liquid vent, next to a sweepy dock. The Sweepy would mop up the water for the researcher. Now it doesn't work at all. I have tried similar setups with different liquids, i.e. petroleum next to my molecular forage. I've also tried different amounts of liquid, in multiples of 100, from 100kg to 500kg; none worked.
  4. One thing you left out, the initial temperature of the enriched uranium matters. Preheating the fuel can help reduce the temperature fluctuation.
  5. Copy settings does not copy the egg selected nor the continuous setting for incubators, just the priority.
  6. If you copy settings on a farm tile growing a mutated plant then paste those setting onto another farm tile it will not paste the setting properly if you do not have the required seeds in storage. If you have the required seeds, it works fine. If you do not it will plant the original variant.
  7. The rot piles dropped by exuberant plants give the food decayed warning in the top left when they decay into polluted dirt.
  8. Having the same issue. Happen when I either select round trip, or select a specific launch pad. Then crashes on launch of rocket. Also happens if there is multiple launch pads at destination; then it crashes when the destination is selected. This is with asteroids that are adjacent to each other such that their orbits overlap.
  9. I always look in automation for the various pipe/duct/rail sensors. Rocketry for rocket ports; I mean it is in the name! I wish things were in multiple categories.
  10. Intellectually challenging is OK, tedious is not. Right now it tends more towards the latter as it takes so long for anything to get built due to all the demands on dupe labor. By increasing the starting temp, it becomes something like the oasis map in the base game, where dupes are rushing the insulate the starting area before the temp can change. That feels like you have more agency than just sitting around waiting while a dupe builds a four or five tiles then runs off to crush rock into sand, or run on a hamster wheel every cycle. I chose to play without teleporters as, with teleporters, the obvious solution is to evacuate to the teleported asteroid. Then it plays not all the different from the terra cluster start. Rather boring imho. The linked asteroid needs to be equally challenging as the starting asteroid before playing with teleporters enabled becomes meaningful.
  11. The enter key is the shortcut for disabling a building. When you press it after renaming a platform, that is what disables it. Just click somewhere instead, and it wont be a problem.
  12. I've played the Frozen Forest Asteroid (with no teleporter) three times, focusing on the first 50-100 cycles. Overall I would say it is more tedious than difficult. This comes down to a lack of dupe labor due to a few factors: Unable to support a fourth dupe until cycle 30-50. No sand. The rock crusher is a rather significant drain on dupe power. No alternative power source, other than hamster wheel. There is no coal. There is only one hatch, which takes a long time to breed up. There are trees, but it is too cold to for them to grow. Other sources are based on random vents, natural gas, hydrogen, etc. No food, outside the starting hexfruit. The single starting hatch takes a while to breed to the point where you can support more than the initial dupes. There are abundant pips, but, again, it is too cold for trees to grow. Mealwood is your only solution, sorta. See below. Difficulty in heating during the early game. The space heater is terrible. It can't even offset the heat loss from the cold dirt used to fertilize mealwood in an insulated 2x22 room. It also drains a lot of power for the amount of heating it accomplishes. The metal refinery works well. However, there is limited ore in the starting area and the power requirements limit how often it can be run. Additionally, it takes a while to research and setup. Using this, I still have issues with my pure water pools freezing. The liquid tepidizer is the best option, but it too take a while to research and setup. Other issues: The starting area needs to be moved down. As it is, the crashed satellite can breach the starting area and vent a significant amount of the starting oxygen. Suggestions: Increase the temperature of the starting area to around 30C. This will give the player the option of adding new dupes earlier, if they can use them wisely. More hatches, less pips. A 50/50 ratio would be better. Sand! Some sand somewhere, anywhere, please. Salt. There is a lot of rust, but no salt. There are salt vine seeds, but without any natural sand, it really isn't a good option. Instead of a guaranteed polluted water geyser. Make it either polluted water, salt water, or brine. This will improve replay-ability. A very small amount of sucrose on the map. Without coal or wood, it takes a while the scrounge up enough CO2 to colonize another asteroid.
  13. Great idea, but the upper limit is way, way too small. 20kg for gas, 200kg for liquid, 400 units for solid. Multiply by a thousand, maybe ten thousand. Also, the text needs to be proofread.
  14. The rocket platform thinks it has 1 less tile of clearance than it actually does. This leads to awkward situations where you can build and launch a rocket, but it will tell you there is not enough clearance to land the same rocket on the same platform.
  15. Dupes will not rescue an incapacitated dupe outside of a rocket to a medbed inside of a rocket. (Exceptions happen when the dupe is heading to the interior of a rocket and passes a downed dupe)