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Missing Water Sources on Starting Asteroid.

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Game Generated  an asteroid with NO renewable water geyser source.

Played for 8 hours and realized the game has no geysers on the starting map for renewable water source.  Not on any of the other planets as well.

The planet info says No Geysers detected as well.

Steps to Reproduce

Generate a game seed and check Planet Info.  Sometimes you get Slush Geyser.   and sometimes you get nothing.    
Same with Oil Biome.  Sometimes you get Oil well.  sometimes you get nothing.


User Feedback

Try a new building called "Sludge Press", it acts as a new source of water and dirt at early stage of the game.

150 kg Mud -> 60 kg Dirt + 50 kg Water
150 kg Polluted Mud -> 60 kg Polluted Dirt + 90 kg Polluted Water



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