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Missing Launcher Sounds and Unworking Overlay Hotkeys

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

Went to launch game and steam prompted an update. After the update I launched the game and most of the regular sounds you'd hear on the game launcher seem to be missing. First time I didn't think anything of it and launched my last DLC Spaced Out save. Started looking around and I went to check the temperature of things with F3 and noticed it wasn't working, Then I started trying other overlay hotkeys and those weren't working either. I tried clicking the overlay icons in the game and those do seem to work still. So I then checked in options to see if the hotkeys were missing and they seem to be there. There were some other hotkeys in other categories that seem to not be defined, I forget which one, I figure that's still a work in progress and it dealt with changing worlds.

I restarted my game wondering if that would fix it. But no, still missing launcher sounds and hotkeys for overlays are still not working and I am unsure if I can figure out how to get them working on my end. Unsure if anything else is affected yet. At that point I started trying to find any kind of patch notes. I know the option on the game launcher is broken and breaks the game if you click on patch notes. I was hoping others would have reported my discovered issues. I'm unsure when the last patch landed, if it was yesterday or this morning. I do know the game worked fine yesterday morning around this same time without many issues.

I may play with deactivating the dlc and reactivating it. I kind of have low hopes at this point and may try again after another update.

Steps to Reproduce

Updated to Build: EX1-443790-D, Things mentioned under Issue description were noticed.

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User Feedback

The sounds being gone from the new main menu is intended -- the sounds you're used to hearing are the sounds that the buildings and environment in the background are making.

Now the background is completely new, none of those environmental elements are there anymore, so you can't hear them. As new elements are added in, the soundscape will fill up again :)

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