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Mind-blowing Duplicant stats

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idk if it's intended or not, but for some reason Duplicants have strange numbers for stats
a) image.png.97d515c627b6f958434b4b77f964b2de.png

b) image.png.9567d57c3ac1ead1bad28ffd60bd708e.png

c) (digger has less number for digging than for creativity) image.png.9bf992179a7f28a0fd4837ebe88715f8.png
P.S.: I even had "+11 Excavation", but I couldn't film it

Steps to Reproduce

Choose a profession for your duplicant and press "Reroll"

User Feedback

Changed Status to Closed

Definitely intended. There's balancing to do but this is a new feature. They can also roll with starting skills (above tier 1+). Thanks!

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