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Mess table unassigned after the great hall fix

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Fixed

After assigning 8 dupes and getting the achievement "And nowhere to go", all mess tables get unassigned and they don't get auto-assigned again. I only noticed because dupes started eating on the floor.


Edit: after further inspection it seems that the game can't decide on load if the great hall is a great hall or a recreation room so it flickers and unassigned all mess tables.

Edit 2: It seems that loading a save with a great hall bellow 64 tiles, it doesn't flicker like that and mess tables don't get unassigned

Edit 3: When the +20 decor item for the great hall is a plant, the room will flicker on load between great hall and recreation room if the plant is in a pot.

Steps to Reproduce

Before doing anything check that all mess tables are assigned to dupes. Make the last dupe where a snazzy suit or primo garb (there are some in front of the refashionator and textile loom). The moment you select the dupe to wear the suit, all mess tables get unassigned. 

Load save. Check that all mess tables are assigned. Have room overlay open before unpausing

Space Hut_2 183 mess bug.sav

Alternatively, create a great hall using a recreation building, mess tables and plant+pot as decor item of +20. Save. Reload. If the room is below 64 tiles or above 96, the room overlay flickers but it's still a great hall and all mess tables stay assigned. If the room is between 65 to 96 tiles, the room overlay flickers between great hall and recreation room and all mess tables get unassigned.

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Or.. there is something weird happening to rooms? I tried reassigning the mess tables but I saw dupes eat on the floor again. I reload the save, reassign the tables before unpausing and saw this:

image.png.36b5b9f277d21f852f7ce4016b224182.png  image.thumb.png.c7b8c45dadf42db077c65ecac3e103e8.png
Space Hut_2 184.sav

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