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Grubgrubs losing their body

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I found a few wild grubgrubs whom I've invited into my farms, and for the most part, they slink around like they own the place and jump over the double-door into the next farm, all well and good. But sometimes, when I'm moving the camera away from them and snap back, they lose themselves.


Steps to Reproduce

I'm not really sure how to replicate this, because it's not consistent, but it seems to happen more with a keyboard press left than it does with other directions. (using the mouse scroll to warp leftwards of them also seems to do this.) If it helps, here's a copy of the save file.

The Dangerous Rat's Nest.sav

User Feedback

Im having the same issue, it seems to be tied to camera location. When I move my camera here for exampleimage.thumb.png.21c1e6b67b0668ec3b3c21157ff4e3c9.png

I have the bug, but moving the camera slightly to the right, I avoid the bug. The camera position doesn't seem to be relative to the grubs location, the positions that cause the bug are static no matter where he moves. It also seems to be split at a certain point on the x-axis, where any camera position to the left of this point has the bug, and anything to the right doesn't have the bug.

This also seems tied to zoom level, zooming out in screenshot mode moves the point to the left, while zooming in moves the point to the right.

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