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Game Made Mouse Unresponsive

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I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden my mouse became unresponsive forcing me to use Task Manager because the game doesn't have keyboard commands when using the menu to exit the game. I thought it was the battery to the mouse putting in a new one and switched to another mouse, which also didn't work. It wasn't until the game closed and I went back to my original mouse that it worked again.

I am surprised the game doesn't have keyboard menu commands (Tab to switch buttons and Return to select). If it wasn't for using Task Manager I would be trapped playing the game.

Steps to Reproduce

Unknown. I was in the progress of having dupes build and all of a sudden the mouse wasn't working.

User Feedback

Does this happen on new saves or only this one? Did this happen before the Hot Shots update (December 15th)?

If it happens again could you open Task Manager and check how much memory is used. It's possible your system is running out of memory causing it to lock up. I also suggest checking to make sure your virtual memory is configured (see here) to a custom size or set to system managed.

You could also try enabling Low Resolution Textures found in the game under Options -> Graphics.

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