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Game breaking bug air pressure

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Polluted water containers should not be emitting Polluted Oxygen after it reaches a certain point of air pressure.   This one container never stops adding air pressure.   The pressure continues to go over 800 kg.

As you can see from the video it never stops going up.


showing off bug.png

showing off bug.sav

Player.log Player-prev.log DxDiag.txt

Steps to Reproduce

Can move container by building over it.   The effects are still the same - unsure how to reproduce it.

User Feedback

There's your problem:


Off-gassing debris (a botle is considered as a debris) won't overpressure if the cell they are on is over 1.8kg of liquid/gas. In this case, there is only 76.1g of polluted water, well under the 1.8kg threshold.

While the mechanic is a bit confusing, I'm pretty sure it's not a bug and working just as expected. Changing that mechanic would have wide-ranging impact on the game.

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