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Free Heat from Unknown Source

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After the temperature reach 210 degrees Celsius by my automation to start my steam turbines. The temperature raise rapidly to the point that I had to turned off the aquatuner at 270 degrees Celsius with automation. However, instead of cooling down the steam box, the temperature continue increasing to where it over melted the aquatuner at 325 degrees Celsius before I asked the discord community for help. After explaining it to them, they concluded that it is neutronium that is bugged to create this heat. The Steam box used 1 tiles of neutronium as the wall of the box. This is my speculation, the water output location is next to the neutronium that could have been the source of the bug. From picture 1 to 3 a time of 1/4 cycle may have past. Bug happen sometime in cycle 1041 and 1042 showed that it had happen and the newest save of 1044 is added. 1035 was included as the oldest before.

Discord Help Picture 1.png

Discord Help Picture 2.png

Discord Help Picture 3.png

Discord Help Picture 4.png

Steps to Reproduce

Build a steam box with neutronium as one of the wall, filled the steam boxed with water ~90 degree Celsius water using the output vent. The water was heated with aquatuner. (I added more water later when I realized I could put more water density first time was 2 tons of water then 2.1 more tons of water was added around 170 degrees Celsius). The temosenser was set to 210 degrees with a buffer gate set to 1 minute and the pipe senser was at -6 degrees. Wait until water is heated up to 210 degrees Celsius or sooner but that is when I notice the bug and watch the temperature continue to increase.


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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

The actual conclusion was not about the neutronium per say (though that's an interesting idea) but more about the strange sim temperature bugs happening on the right edge of planetoids in Spaced Out!

While those are most often freezing with Metal Volcanoes (there have been report about that bug not being properly fixed after Fast Friends), the combination of "strange temperature issue" and "right edge of the world" is too similar not to draw a parallel.

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I have done some testing, the temperature only increases when the steam turbine is active and aquatuner is off.

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Changed Status to Fixed

This was indeed related to a section of a world being updated incorrectly in the sim. It will be fixed in the next update. I let your save run for 10 cycles and the temperature stayed consistent.

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