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Everything is super fast

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After a random cycle all tasks started to be done super fast (everything with a progress bar?).

I noticed it because the dupes were sleeping and produced in one night cycle around 30-40 dream journals. Even after restarting the game its the same.
Everything is done super fast. Auto-Sweepers have also become super fast. Dupes also increase skills very fast. I saw a a dupe mobbing the floor and earning three skill points during it. I dont know whats going on. 

Please check attached save game, if its the same for you. It would be nice if someone can help out and fix it. Im really enjoying this run and would like to finish exploring the dlc.

EDIT: did some further testing and found out that it started at cycle 1899. At 1898 everything works fine.Thank god i can play normally again by restarting at 1898. Seemes like whatever triggered it before didnt trigger it this time.

Thanks and cheers

ViceVersa Omage II Cycle 1900.sav

Steps to Reproduce
  • load the save file
  • observe auto-sweepers or dupes doing tasks with a progress bar

User Feedback

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sakura_sk is correct, you have fast workers mode disabled. If you are using dev debug and press ctrl+backspace it will toggle fast workers mode and disable it.

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