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Emergency (!!) sweep errands not getting done

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Marking items to be swept with !! emergency priority does not always result in them getting swept with emergency priority. From my testing the priority of the task is in fact lower than a priority 1 sweep errand. Dupes will only do the !! task according to the priority of the target receptacle (storage bin etc), and even then if there is any priority 1 sweep errand they will do that before the !! sweep errand.

From further testing this appears to only occur when there are other sweep errands with non-!! priority, and importantly, when any non-!!-priority sweep errand is closer to the duplicant than the !!-priority sweep errand. More details below.

Steps to Reproduce

Create a priority 5 storage bin set to store everything and set to sweep only. Have a dupe with neutral personal priorities who can both dig and tidy/store. Mark some priority 6 digging jobs somewhere away from the storage bin. Move the dupe near to the digging jobs.

Now mark two types of sweep errand: some !! sweep errands on the side of the bin further from the dupe, and some priority 1 sweep errands on the side of the bin closer to the dupe. Force move the dupe to clear their current task.

Expected result: the dupe sweeps the !! items with emergency priority.

Actual result: the dupe digs.


I did some more testing and found that if the !! sweep errands are closer to the dupe they do seem to consider the priority correctly. It is only when the lower priority sweep tasks are closer to them that they ignore the !! priority sweep tasks.

They also appear to treat other priorities correctly. A priority 7 sweep will override the priority 6 dig, even with a priority 1 sweep closer to the dupe. Just when there is any sweep errand of any other priority closer to the dupe, the !! priority sweep errand is ignored unless it is the closest sweep errand.

There's even some weirdness like arranging it as [dupe > prio 1 sweep > prio !! sweep > prio 7 sweep] - the dupe will go straight to the prio 7 sweep.

I've attached a save file that demonstrates the issue. The !! sweep tasks (both the crude oil and solid items) do not get done, and even when setting the nearby bottle emptier to !! priority, they sweep the wrong thing into it.

Lessons Learned but Forgotten (yellow alert sweep not being done).sav

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User Feedback

In my experience sweep errand priorization doesn't do anything, as only the "collect" errand from storages is looked at. It may then prefer to store !! sweeps before other prios, but without setting the storage to !! it will not have higher prio than other tasks.

I'm not sure how to solve this. Maybe look at the storages and the items to be swept and use the higher prio when deciding task ordering?

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14 hours ago, AyCe said:

In my experience sweep errand priorization doesn't do anything, as only the "collect" errand from storages is looked at.

Sweep errand priority already does affect the task priority for everything other than !! prio. In general the priority of the errand appears to indeed be the higher of the bin priority and the sweep item priority. If you have a bin with prio 1 and mark some items to sweep at prio 9, it will be done as a prio 9 task.

The "todo" list will list it as prio 1, but the todo list is lying, as it often does.

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