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Duplicants stucks at the entrance of transit tube access

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Since the last Sweet Dreams patch, it may occurs that duplicants are stucked at the entrance of a transit tube access.

They try forever to use it, playing the eating animation.

I mostly see it during recreation time and/or night.


When stucked, it's impossible to force the duplicant to move elsewhere.

At this point, his mean my pilot never get to it's mining rockets for automated take off. :(


Note : after quitting/reloading the game, it's works properly.

Also note that this duplicant also came back from a space trip

Steps to Reproduce

Have a functionnal transit tube in any base and wait for end of the cycle


Bazar, vous avez dis bazar.sav

User Feedback

I confirm this is happening with me as well.

Also on Spaced Out, also with my dupe who has been on rocket missions and is either trying to do something for themself, or is trying to get to the crew capsule as I've set it to crew.

That leads me to believe the issue is with duplicants who are assigned as crew/pilots.  Haven't tested this yet.

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Same thing is happening for me. I sent two dupes on a space mission, and upon return one was getting stuck in this loop. After sending same two dupes on another mission a dozen cycles later, it is the second dupe getting stuck in the loop. Also with the eating animation while doing nearly all tasks.

Note: The way I fixed this temporarily is to click either deconstruct or disable on the transit tube entrance at which the dupe is stuck, and they go through. Switch back settings to normal right after they go through. It only works once, so you have to follow them around every time they go through an access point.

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I'm not sure about it, but it seems to happen when dupes are doing something in the spacefarer module while the rocket land on a planteoïd (so when the control station switch buildings authorization).

Sadly, since we can't control the timing for landing on a planetoïd, it happens often. :(

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