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Duplicants do not respect compactor's capacity limit when storing suits

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Duplicands often ignore capacity limits when storing space suits.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Build a compactor (might need to be in a rocket)
  2. Set limit to 400kg
  3. Have 4 empty atmo suits nearby as a single pile
  4. Set compactor to store atmo suits
  5. Wait for a duplicant to deliver suits

Duplicants will store all 4 suits, despite suits being 800kg


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User Feedback

The game is counting one atmo suit as one unit (so that it works correctly with the conveyor loaders and meters). I had the same issue when trying to store a limited number of seeds. I bet if you set the compactor's limit to 1kg and filtered it just to atmo suits, you would get one and only one suit in that compactor.

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