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  1. On most asteroids, the fog-of-war used on the edges of the map make the neighboring playable area too dark. It makes things hard to see; I can't tell if I've actually dug out to the neutronium. Pulling back the fog of war by two or three tiles would probably solve the problem.
  2. Rocket arrived at destination tile, but shows an increasingly negative ETA. This causes parts of the game to think it hasn't really arrived.
  3. The game is counting one atmo suit as one unit (so that it works correctly with the conveyor loaders and meters). I had the same issue when trying to store a limited number of seeds. I bet if you set the compactor's limit to 1kg and filtered it just to atmo suits, you would get one and only one suit in that compactor.
  4. Debris is hidden behind buildings instead of being in front. It's not consistent, but I've been noticing it happening a lot lately.
  5. Since there is no outlet on your tank, each time germy water comes in, it will add more germs. The chlorine may not be able to keep up. If you loop the output to the input, it should help, especially if you add more tanks.
  6. Selecting the strange brick at the artifact station shows artwork that isn't a strange brick.
  7. Debris should try to move towards a duplicant when they are digging or deconstructing, so that it has a better chance of being reachable.
  8. The starmap was showing the rocket in the wrong location. When the rocket moved, everything was correct in terms of fuel and time taken.
  9. For radbolt/radiation storage, I'd like to see a slightly different mechanic than just another tank. Maybe an enrichment cycle (not unlike Factorio): depleted uranium is enriched at diminishing returns, but at least you can "store" leftover radbolts.
  10. Radbolt engine produces radiation when landing from orbit. Doesn't seem to happen as consistently when landing directly from a space tile that is further out. The level of fuel in the engine also doesn't seem to matter. Once landed, I can refuel the rocket with its own emissions. This has been a thing for a while, but I see it consistently now. Also, not sure if the level of radiation emitted by the engine matches the intent of the rad rescale.
  11. With the rad scaling of 485090, radbolt generator tooltips show way more radbolts per cycle than are actually generated.
  12. This update has caused a massive drop in performance for me. A colony that was consistently running at 20fps is now maxing out at 12fps. I can't imagine that the radiation visual effects would be causing that much of a drop.
  13. To me, this is just another UI issue. I don't have a problem with a giant heat plume that overrides everything, but at least provide some kind of UI hint so that players (new and those who haven't built a rocket in a while) are more informed of where to build.
  14. The meter assets do get messed up, but meters seem to be a constant problem throughout the game.
  15. There are lots of buildings that do this. You might want to read about the tile/cell of interest: Most of the time, it's where the automation port is.