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  1. My colorblindness is more protanomaly and deuteranomaly (decreased sensitivity to red and green light, but not completely blind to those colors). In my case, both modes are extremely helpful; I prefer the protanopia correction since the colors are more vivid to me and thus stand out more. Some more color-related feedback: Extend these corrections to as many overlays as possible, with the germ, room, and harvest overlays prioritized. The germ overlay has been an issue for me for a while: In the power overlay, the difference between strained and overloaded isn't a problem for me, but might benefit from color correction. The light overlay would benefit from using a more vivid color (bright yellow instead of a pale green), since opacity is used to show value instead of different colors. Rails have never been visible for me in the conveyor overlay, so that could use some correction. I guess this has changed recently and I didn't see it at first. In the priorities tab, the checkboxes get darker as the relevant skill increases in value. The exception is that when a skill is at 0, the box is light gray, whereas it is white when the skill is at 1. If there are actually different colors being used, I can't tell (and it always confuses me when I start a new colony). It also doesn't match how that checkbox shading works for consumables (-1 and 0 are the lowest values and are white). On the skills screen, I don't have any problems with the morale bars, but other people might. Tooltips that use the default red and green may need to have color correction. The coloring for insulated, normal, and radiant pipes/vents could be differentiated more. In the materials overlay, it appears that the biome color adjustment is being applied to the highlight colors of buildings. For example: a ladder made of igneous running between forest and ocean biomes has two slightly different colors to me; same with an igneous ladder between slime and corrosive biomes. The colors of the most common elements aren't problematic for me, but it does get more difficult for me with late game elements and their different phases. I seem to remember a post from last year where a few people were talking about confusing element colors, but I can't find it. This applies to the materials overlay as well as the packet colors in pipes/vents.
  2. Looks like there's a lot of CO2 there; is the refinery in an overpressure state? It doesn't display an icon or warning when the pressure is too high to emit natural gas (but it really should).
  3. I get these hot patches all the time and it drives me nuts. I end up having to carefully excavate along the abyssalite, sealing off the area, and dump some kind of liquid to cool it down. It eventually does cool, but it is tedious if you're trying to prevent unexpected explosions of sour gas or steam.
  4. Atmo suits, and presumably other clothing and items that are discrete, In order to limit the number of atmo suits (and presumably other clothing/items that are discrete) in a storage bin, you have to set the mass slider to the number of items to limit it to, and not the mass. This feels inconsistent with how bins are limited by mass and not the number of items in them.
  5. Bridging over the output port of any logic gate causes the "overlapping ports" warning. This doesn't make sense as implemented; the ports are not overlapping. If there is some other implementation/gameplay reason why the output port cannot be bridged over, this needs to be explained in game. Possibly related is that a bridge can be built over an existing gate, but a gate cannot be built over an existing bridge.
  6. When loading a game that has a rocket in space, parts of the rocket are left behind. In a rocket that has a capsule, five research modules, a fuel tank, an oxylite tank, and a petroleum engine, the oxidizer tank, fuel tank, and engine appear when they shouldn't. Just before the rocket appears on screen during landing, the errant modules will disappear. The rocket then lands normally and functions as expected.
  7. Right clicking and dragging should allow for dragging of the starmap, like on the map and research screens. I'm constantly closing it due to muscle memory.
  8. Transformers in ONI do store power, but perhaps the wording could be clarified.
  9. Dupes were using the telescope, consuming oxygen and power, even though no asteroid was set to be analyzed.
  10. The telescope requires and consumes oxygen, but that rate is not indicated in its tooltips, inspector info, nor in the database.
  11. After loading a save in which I had a large number of 20+ ton chunks of regolith in one cell, the chunks reverted to solid tile and stacked up. I've used similar setups for granite/igneous rock and they haven't reverted to solid tile before. There are also stacks of other elements in the cell as well. I wasn't able to reproduce in sandbox, but there may have been conditions that I missed. Luckless Dwelling.sav
  12. Abyssalite doesn't enclose the starting biome; the border is granite and igneous rock. Your save does have abyssalite once you dig past the rock border.
  13. In 356355, hovering over a dupe that is cooking at a grill or gas range will have "Cooking {Item}" in their tooltip. Haven't checked for this with a microbe musher.