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Duplicant stuck - oil well emptying - updated

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duplicant getting stuck in oil well emptying animation



output_log.txt Player.log

Steps to Reproduce


Edit1: send a red automation signal to the oil well when the dupe is performing "Depresurize Well" errand.

Edit2: it also happens, like @silentdeth mentioned, if the oil well looses power.

User Feedback

This also happens if a dupe is called to empty the oil well and after that call the automation disables the oil well. Dupe will get stuck until automation enables the oil well until he can finishes the job, if disabled again dupe will get stuck again. Dupe will also stop the job if schedule gets to free/sleep/toilet/feed time.

Problem is not spaced out only related, it is in both the dlc and base game.

The work around i have is to place a dupe motion senor into the automation so the well is always activated if a dupe is around the oil well.

I think a good fix will be to cancel the request to empty the oil well if it gets disabled or to make the emptying of the oil well independent of the automation state.

Also good to note that emptying the desalenator does not have this problem, but this has another problem, it doesn't get emptied or calls a dupe to get emptied. It also seems to cancel the request to empty the building if it get disabled by automation. This leeds to the problem you need to place a storage tank on the output to prevent it from running out of water before a dupe gets called to empty the building.

I would like to see or more simmaler way of working for these 2 buildings. Maybe both have a percentage setting to when to call a dupe to empty and let the emptying of the well be independent of the automation status.

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