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Duplicant movement visually? glitches/teleports

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Marie, with an athletics of 1, decided to teleport as she walked for a while. See attached video.


Probably just a visual bug. Did make it very annoying to keep an eye on her though.

This happened after she went through a teleporter twice so maybe it's thematic? ;)


Sorry. Didn't think to pause to gather data. I think she stopped doing it at some point, but she still has an athletics of 1, and also I'm not certain if she stopped because I was paying attention to other things.


(the video above not the same video as below, but the twitch clip is more obviously visible. apparently someone was actually watching & was kind enough to grab a clip for me.)


Updates 11/27:

- Does not appear to occur after reloading my saves from last night.

The Happy Moonbase Cycle 10.png


The Happy Moonbase Cycle 10.sav

Steps to Reproduce

Sorry. Haven't spent the time to reproduce it yet. Will try to reproduce tomorrow.


Update 11/27: From one of the attached two saves (the one that starts cycle 8, as shown in this attached video) send Marie through the teleporter to Nisora, then back to Smelloni. Marie then exhibits the behavior described. (You might need to let her suffocate a little before sending her through the teleporter, I did not test that much.)


Does not appear to occur after reloading the save after the behavior has occurred.

The Happy Moonbase Cycle 7.sav The Happy Moonbase Cycle 8.sav

User Feedback

Observed the same issue in my game. As in your case, it happened to my dupe that returned from my second colony using teleport. The issue is best seen when dupe travels on diagonal paths. My bug report belo (I dont have such cool video as you, but screens from the liquid lock show the issue IMO well enough)


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I've seen this once, couldn't reproduce it so at the time I assumed it was a freak occurrence.

From what I can tell, it looks like dupe animations temporarily break, so any movement that has an animation (such as climbing up one tile or jumping over a one tile gap) that has that animation break instead instantly does that action.

When it happened once for me it actually affected climbing up two tiles high, whereas on your recording that isn't affected.

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