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Dupes with > 900 rads absorbed get stuck in a permanent loop of being incapacitated and taken to a med bed.

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A dupe that's been heavily irradiated, and absorbed over 900 dupes becomes incapacitated as expected. However, when they're carried to a triage cot for revival, they immediately get incapacitated again instead of staying in the bed or being able to move to a location where they can start to eliminate rads (such as a bathroom)

A dupe that's been incapacitated from radiation should have a window where they can move about freely before they get incapacitated again, or remain in a triage cot with some kind of slow radiation removal process. Especially since the primary way of eliminating absorbed rads is by visiting a bathroom.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Start a sandbox game with dev tools on

2. Spawn a dupe on a small isolated platform.

3. plop down radiation sources until they hit 900 rads

4. remove radiation sources.

5. make triage cot

6. spawn second dupe.

Expected: Dupe is carried to triage bed, and can recover.

Result: Dupe gets stuck in loop of being incapacitated and moved to the triage cot over and over. The result should either be the immediate death of the dupe, or some kind of process where the dupe can get a chance to recover (before dying or being incapacitated again)

See this gif for an example: https://imgur.com/Dj8kRik

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User Feedback

Got same bug.

A dupe hitting the incapacited threshold mark is therefore basically dead. Quite painful working around reactors with hardest difficulty.

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