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  1. Yeah, for some reason, clothing and atmo suits typically looks like they weigh 1kg or so to storage bins and conveyor loaders, but claims to weigh 200kg or whatever visually when inspected.
  2. Yes, you've made an escher waterfall. Basically, two different types of gas are stacked on top of that huge tile of water, preventing it from expanding upward. See this thread for details. It's a consequence of how the oni physics model works.
  3. Not sure this is specific to the preview branch, it's probably able to be replicated in the current stable version. Someone on a discord I was on noticed that, while inside a rocket's interior view, if you start a job to change a spacefarer module for another module, you can put the spacefarer module in a broken state. This gets even more weird after you save/reload since you now have orphaned rocket modules sitting in the same place as other rocket modules, and can build over the top of a rocket, or even end up with multiple spacefarer modules on the same rocket. Deconstructing a rocket module while on its interior view should kick you out to an asteroid view and succeed normally.
  4. When a Banshee dupe has 70% stress, they start screaming as they go about their normal tasks (without hitting the max banshee wail). However, if they walk through something cold, they end up with what looks like two mouths as they complain about the cold.
  5. I'm still seeing this in a case where a hydrogen vent's output is being put into an infinite storage, even after a save/reload. Were we not expecting this case to be fixed here? The gas in this picture was around -229C (since the bug had already been happening) but as soon as new packets of hydrogen gas was injected, the temperature of a blob of the hydrogen gas jumped down to -270C. Is this a separate bug?
  6. You used to be able to trap dupes, because they could jump across a gap and climb two tiles, but not do the reverse, so they'd path in one direction to pick up something or dig something or whatever, and then get stuck and pee themselves if you didn't realize you'd created the trap. The in-game properties page didn't mention that, no idea.
  7. delecta voles apparently can be shorn to make something called Tonic Root when they eat regolith, which is apparently an edible plant with some positive sounding side effects. Oakshell eats the same food as pokeshells but produce lumber when crushed, sanishell apparently can deal with germs (unexplained how, specifically) but are otherwise the same as regular pokeshells. Cuddle pips can eat reed fiber and possibly hug eggs, apparently.
  8. There hasn't been a shipped update since February, yet. There's a seemingly large patch coming, given how long it's been in progress. You'll need to wait until after the patch to verify the behavior is fixed.
  9. A dupe that's been heavily irradiated, and absorbed over 900 dupes becomes incapacitated as expected. However, when they're carried to a triage cot for revival, they immediately get incapacitated again instead of staying in the bed or being able to move to a location where they can start to eliminate rads (such as a bathroom) A dupe that's been incapacitated from radiation should have a window where they can move about freely before they get incapacitated again, or remain in a triage cot with some kind of slow radiation removal process. Especially since the primary way of eliminating absorbed rads is by visiting a bathroom.
  10. Was trying to generate a DLC enabled, spaced-out game with the seed M-RAD-C-592072619-0. Mapgen failed to complete, but instead of displaying an error message, the game just got stuck at "success, adventure awaits" indefinitely. The log file shows some errors during mapgen, suggesting it didn't complete successfully. The failure should have been caught and relayed to the player.
  11. When heavy-watt wire is built inside Solar Panels, the decor penalty from the heavy-watt wire is hidden, as expected. When a solar panel is dismantled, the heavy-watt wire gets exposed, but does not start producing a decor penalty until the next save/reload. Attached screenshot shows decor while the game is unpaused.
  12. Was able to reproduce this in sandbox mode after someone else on a discord I'm on ran into it. Still an issue. Simple workaround was to issue a deconstruct order for the engine, which un-stuck the dupe.
  13. When a radbolt hits a solid tile, under normal circumstances, the radbolt is destroyed, leaving no waste product except the contaminant trail as it traveled (if through an atmosphere) When a radbolt hits an airflow tile, however, it acts like it hit a dupe or another radbolt, and causes a burst of nuclear fallout to be emitted, unexpectedly.
  14. I'm using a Party Line Phone in rocket interiors to add morale and make a mess hall a great hall. It's currently set to be Controlled by the grounded setting on the control station. When I save and reload the game, the party line phone building is no longer marked "restricted" like the rest of the buildings inside the rocket interior, despite being set to "Controlled" in its settings, and the rocket control station still being marked as "grounded". This results in dupes using the party line phone when they're on downtime unexpectedly.
  15. I got 2t of Brine from the printing pod. It appears to be otherwise normally interactive, I can set up a bottle emptier, set it to brine, and dupes will bring over the bottles of brine from the printing pod and empty them as expected. It shows up in the resources list as expected. But it cannot be individually selected, despite visually being there in front of the pod, unlike other things that have come out of the pod. I haven't noticed this behavior for mopped bottles of brine.