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  1. I built a solid oxidizer tank, set it to 579Kg max, built an oxylite production facility, and my dupes started to fill it as expected. However, they didn't stop at 579Kg of oxylite, they kept filling it past that to 599kg, and the Errands tab for the tank shows them still trying to insert more, despite it being full.
  2. The timelapse in the colony summary is showing some frames as having a bunch of white columns on the left side of the image in select frames from near the end of the timelapse. See attached screenshot for example. Attached save file from screenshot. about 4 or so frames from the entire colony timelapse have this problem, the majority do not. Immune Sewer
  3. Steam turbines stop working at 100C, they don't take overheat damage until 1000C. It won't take damage when it hits 100C, it just turns off and stops producing power.
  4. This is still happening on Rime worlds. Seems to prevent the printing pod from giving me balm lily seeds as well (at least, in ~450 cycles or so, it's yet to do so). Plenty of buried pincha-pepper, no balm lily seeds to be seen (double-checked in debug mode, definitely none buried on the map). Is this intentional? Is there some other way to get the seeds?
  5. When issuing build/dig/deconstruct commands across the autosave that happens at the end of each cycle, it can sometimes trigger a gigantic build/dig/deconstruct across a large area. See attached video for example. Oxygen Not Included 2021-07-20 21-32-34.mp4
  6. If this is a recently used rocket, I've been getting this as well. Does it go away if you save, quit to the main menu, and re-load the save game?
  7. I was running into this problem with the Merge update (I haven't tried since today's patch). Specifically, this seems to occur if the rocket is launched and returns, then it gets stuck in a state where it cannot launch again, or be deconstructed, until I save and re-load the map from the main menu.
  8. Vacuums in ONI don't really suck (ie, apply a negative pressure) they just act as tiles that a gas can spread into unhindered (ie, in a 2 tile enclosed space, with vacuum in one tile, and a gas in the other, the gas will 'spread' into the vacuum tile until the pressure is roughly equal). So what's happening is that the tiles bordering the vacuum are dividing themselves into the space tiles, the space tile destroys the gas and returns to a vacuum, and the cycle keeps repeating. So it can take quite some time before the game gets down to single-digits of mcg of gas remaining and a vacuum spreads across them.
  9. Just ran into the same issue. Crash upon hitting the 'Home Sweet Home' condition. In my case, it happened the day after I took my 12th dupe (having already built the monument with < 12)
  10. I'm playing the base game with the Merge Update applied. I'm trying to re-organize my rocket area a bit, but I'm running into a problem where I cannot deconstruct my rocket's Command Capsule. All of the other modules deconstructed fine, but the command capsule doesn't have a "deconstruct" option on it, nor can I deconstruct it using the hotkey.
  11. I'm playing on a Terra map with the DLC turned off. With the Merge Update applied, it seems that meteors aren't hitting the surface anymore. This appears to render the bunker doors and bunker tiles redundant, and removes the ability to use hot regolith as a heat source for tasks on the surface, or collect metals from the landed meteors. Observe the attached screenshot. It's cycle 145, but there's no evidence a single meteor has landed.
  12. Yeah, this seems to happen in any pre-Merge Update save I've opened since getting the patch installed for me too. Edit: Spoke too soon. It's happening in a new game, but curiously, the effect seems to not be centered on my base like it is for my other saves, it's way off to the right.
  13. I'm getting a repeatable crash when equipping gas masks in the base game (DLC turned off). The checkpoint and docks were constructed fine, masks inserted, oxygen provided, but as soon as a dupe goes through the checkpoint, the game crashes. client_log.txt