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dupe with oxygen mask can pass atmosuit checkpoint

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

a duplicant that has an oxygen mask equipped is able to pass an atmosuit checkpoint without changing into an atmosuit. instead he keeps his mask on and proceeds.

in my case this lead to a heavily scalded dupe.

on his way back, he then drops the oxygen mask at the atmosuit checkpoint


I dont really know what the intended behavior is, but it surely isnt this

Steps to Reproduce
  1. equip dupe with oxygen mask
  2. walk past atmosuit checkpoint that has a readied atmosuit
  3. (optional) take heavy scalding damage
  4. walk back past the atmosuit checkpoint
  5. drop mask at the checkpoint
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User Feedback


I had the exact same issue but on the opposite side.

The duplicant who has an atmo suit equip will drop its atmo suit at the oxygen mask station rather than returning it back to the atmo suit dock.

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