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  1. Thought I'd add my experience with this whole silliness here. These are recently wrangled hatches that where not burrowed. But now, they just don't know what to do! FunnyConfusedHatch.mp4
  2. I loaded this up went into debug and saw no missing geyser/volcano on any asteroid. It matched what it said it would have on star map.
  3. This could be automated with a door that locks when there is not enough oxygen, on top of what ever else you wanted to for automation to the OMS. Just make sure to have 2 separate doors one locking and one that prevents access outside so they can use it to come back in if the door gets lock due to lack of oxygen. As for the metal yea it seems to be a ticket price for entry.
  4. Ahhh I didn't think about a dup glitch, either way it was quite fascinating to see that much oil, rip your colony. Wonder if this one those edges cases where tracking down the real problem is gonna be a nightmare, kind of feel bad bad for the devs. Least we have save files of before / after so should be some good info for them to dig trough to help find that block of code that's misbehaving. As for being a new bug, I really don't know either. Maybe its an old one that got fixed and resurfaced? And yes totally agree about @mathmanican always good to have people that strive to so how badly they can break the game heh.
  5. You seem to be missing a string? Missing substance or anim for element [MISSING.STRINGS.ELEMENTS.SUCROSE.NAME] Missing substance or anim for element [MISSING.STRINGS.ELEMENTS.SUCROSE.NAME] Try this, in steam right click ONI go to properties, then local files, and click "verify integrity of game files" if that does not resolve try reinstall.
  6. The buttons states they will do their regular duties until it is ready to launch. It does not say anything about pushing a button. At this time it looks like it only following a launch checklist. If other areas of the check list where used bunker doors might be able to prevent a ready state.
  7. Update: I let it run for 30 min and nothing else has happened, games running normal. Why in the world did it generate soooo much oil??? Didn't help it made a natural sour gas boiler which was the real problem. If it was just static sitting there it would have been fine, but all that sloshing around was making a mess out things.
  8. Found your problem!!! On the second plant you have oil that is around 1246129Kg!!!! I removed the oil in sandbox and the lag went away right away. But holy molly is that a lot of oil! Tried removing a bit of it and it just kept coming! Here I added a video and no I did not pause it half way the game froze and after removing oil runs very well At about 36 sec you can see a whole bunch of drops being formed after the lag spike, they fall down when I remove the oil. Crazy oil.mp4
  9. I spawned a dupe and they showed up. I think this is normal as other things are known not to spawn with out using reveal or sight of a dupe. Hmmm mine seemed normal, I know under very high pressures liquids can float and teleport around. But all the gases and fluids in there are "normal". Now that, that is some funky world gen!! I've generated a few more, I don't think they are meant to be square. SWMP-C-17272213-0 SWMP-C-115302228-0 SWMP-C-629894305-0 This "may" have been fixed with patch but minor holes into space biome are usually not a big problem, unless its venting the whole biome area.
  10. Yes either some more tooltips or a tutorial on the top right would help alleviate much of this "how do I build/do X". It's most likely already in the works, probably more things to work on right now, while leaving the polishing to the end.
  11. No, this is normal and nothing has changed from base version. Yellow alert ignores all scheduling except sleeping. If you need to get something done during sleeping you need to use red alert. As this ignores not only the sleeping schedule but common dupe needs such. More info on alerts
  12. Yes only swamp world is available for starting cluster. You don't require either of those items to go into space. As for the Meteor Shower it is either disabled or not active on the very 1st asteroid cluster. If you are looking for oil, go trough the teleported on your first asteroid the swampy one and there is oil there. The their planet is where you can find your drekos and reed fiber.
  13. They eat the plant itself, it needs to be in a farm tile or hydroponics tile. "Dreckos gain 1 hunger every second, and will try to eat when their hunger exceeds 600. They eat Pincha Pepperplant, Balm Lily, and Mealwood. The glossy variants eat Mealwood and Bristle Berry. Unlike other critters, they consume the growing plant and reduce its growth rate. They will not eat the harvested final products of these plants. Once it has consumed a meal, it will defecate Phosphorite within a cycle."
  14. All plants drown, they are alive, and need air to breath. This is how it is in base game as well.