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Drywall and/or Tempshift Plates Leaking Room Contents into Space

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I was making a hydrogen heat exchanger room for an air purifier when I noticed that I was losing pressure in the room.

The hydrogen room is in the space biome, so I thought I may be missing a drywall or tempshift plate tile. I double checked that they are all still there, and I changed the arrangement of the tiles to see if that made a difference, no dice..

Saved and reloaded, and it was fine after.

Map is created in sandbox mode with spaced out DLC. Debugger has been used on the save, but was not open during the construction of this room. Debugger was used to fill the room with hydrogen. The rest of the rooms in the space biome did not see unexpected changes in pressure.



Steps to Reproduce

Have Spaced Out DLC enabled.

Create sandbox world, no sweat difficulty.

Turn debugger on and off a few times. Use it to copy and paste a few things.

Create room in space biome using sandbox mode. Make sure room has tempshift plates and drywall tiles behind it.

Use debug mode to fill the room full of hydrogen.

Hope the problem surfaces. Save file is attached.

Supernova.sav DxDiag.txt

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Debugger was used to fill the room with hydrogen.

"Fill" like paint hydrogen block by block or fill the whole room with hydrogen? If you painted hydrogen on top of a tile, the tile would stop existing until you reload the game

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I have replicated this issue in sandbox. Here are the conditions.

  1. sandbox must be enabled;
  2. instabuild must be enabled;
  3. construct a box in space exposure with tile walls and drywall/tempshift;
  4. fill the box with hydrogen;
  5. if you replace a drywall/tempshift object with another background building (drywall/tempshift), then hydrogen will leak through that cell as if it were exposed to space

Note that this only occurs if you replace the object in sandbox with instabuild enabled. If instabuild is disabled such that a dupe replaces the object (at 1x speed), then no hydrogen leaks.

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