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Did a Beeta destroy the Double Helix artifact that was here?

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I totally swear the Double Helix artifact was here. I dropped it to the ground so it can be analyzed. When I came back, it's gone. I searched everywhere in the asteroid - nothing. Searched all the other asteroids and rocket interiors - nothing. Checked to see if it has been analyzed - nope. The asteroid doesn't have a qualified dupe to do so and I was sending one over to analyze it. Checked to see if the Beetas stole the artifact - none of the hives have it. This is the only pedestal in the asteroid. Did a Beeta destroy it? If so, then unless there's an artifact or two buried somewhere or extras, I might not get the Cosmic Archeology achievement...

Either that or there's just something wrong with this save file... or there's something wrong with me and I'm not looking hard enough?


Steps to Reproduce

1 - Drop a Neutronium-covered artifact to the ground
2 - Clear a path for Beetas to get to it
3 - Wait for a period of time or observe if the Beeta destroyed it or not
4 - Return to find out the artifact vanished. Did a Beeta destroy it?

Atkomstehant Modified.sav

User Feedback

5 hours ago, sakura_sk said:

Did you check inside the artifact analysis station?

I did, and now I'm facepalming at myself so hard. Was paying too much attention to what artifacts are analyzed and didn't notice the "Contents". Thanks! Cosmic Archeology achievement is back on track!

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