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Debug tools bugs

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I'm not sure if debug tools are meant as "dev only tools" but since we can play around with them I thought I should mention some things that are bugging me...

Dev radiation emitter was frustrating when it changed radiation value every time you checked on it (it doesn't do that anymore.. yay!). Now it resets to 1200 rads on load no matter what value you save to.

Dev Pump Gas produces 10kg/s while gas pipes can transfer 1kg/s. That means, when you change element there will be 9 more pipes segments until the element actually changes

Dev Pump Liquid "sometimes" lets it's content of gas if speed is higher than 2x (3x or 10x)

Last but not least, all dev tools are made out of metal ore. It's debug anyway.. I think they should be made out of neutronium or something :-D

Steps to Reproduce

Dev radiation emitter: Build "Dev radiation emitter". Set it to any other value, higher or lower to its default 1200 rads. Save. Reload. Check emitter. Emitter emits 1200 rads.

Dev Pump Gas: Build "Dev pump gas". Build pipes+vent. Set an element. Change to a different element. There are kg of the previous element stored that are still emitted.

Dev Pump Liquid: While in 10x (alt+z) speed, pause. Build the dev pump in vacuum. Build a pipe (only) from the pump leading to a different room. Select polluted water. Unpause for a second and pause again. Build vent to that different room. Unpause. Vacuum will have mg of polluted oxygen after the first few seconds. (most of the time I could reproduce it like that but sometimes it doesn't off-gas. Deconstructing and building again the vent can also make the Dev pump off-gas polluted oxygen from polluted water in 10x speed)

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User Feedback

It would be very beneficial if there would be a slider on liquid and gas pumps to select output element temperature. I understand that those are dev tools and not intended to test efficiency of different builds, but i have a little dream. xD

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image.png.99da6e59948b8ba7fc32a711b3128f70.png Dev life support tool also has a bug..

It clamps temperatures 7 tiles around it to 30C regardless of material or conductivity

Explanation of picture below: Insulated tiles made of insulation in vacuum. Building the dev life support

(probably why this bug happens)

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