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Cool slush geyser not spawning any polluted water

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A cool slush geyser in my map seems to not do anything when it's time to erupt.





Steps to Reproduce

Seed SNDST-A-385528082-0 in the alpha, above the starting point close to the asteroid surface.

User Feedback

Noticing the same issue with my save as well.      And  Cool Slush Brine geyser NOT  spewing out any brine.  it says emitting but nothing is actually happening.

I have it on stream in case you want to watch it.  I can try to find the time frames and clip it for you.

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Same here. Cool Slush and Cool Salty Slush are not emitting anything. 

Update! I have to correct myself, Salty Slush works, but Cool Slush doesn't.

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