[Closed] Duplicants will not use farm station

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Duplicants will not use farm station to create micro nutrient despite all prerequisites being met: Farm Station contains 50 kg of fertilizer, plants can have micro nutrient applied (bristle blossom and grubfruit plant), and duplicant has Crop Tending skill, and duplicant is locked in room with no other tasks (ie, duplicant is idle). Disabling and re-enabling the farming station does not resolve the issue, restarting the game does not resolve the issue.


As you can see, there are no errands to craft additional micro nutrient and Harold is idle in farm room.


Steps to Reproduce

Build a Farming Station, and eventually it will stop working. Reloading does not resolve the issue.

User Feedback

The cycle count is big and my laptop doesn't really like it (it also runs the game like a slide show) but...

Dupes managed to fabricate micronutrient. I don't know why there are no errands for it but after I made the plant a higher priority they got to it first thing at the start of the cycle 


Even yellow alerting the farming station didn't do anything, like when you yellow alert a sweep doesn't do anything unless you yellow alert the storage bin you like the sweep to go

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25 minutes ago, sakura_sk said:

I don't know why there are no errands

Thanks for checking Sakura_sk! Turns out there is a greenhouse half way across that base with no plants that has a lot of micro nutrient available. My guess is that this is a side effect of the fix they implemented to prevent hundreds of micro nutrient being generated a long time ago. There must be a global maximum counter somewhere in the game that says "stop generating micro nutrient if there are x greenhouses and y micro nutrients present on the plantoid". The problem with my setup (not with the game) was that with hydroponic tiles set to a priority of 5, and having proximity enabled, my duplicants never made the long haul from one greenhouse to another.

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