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Carbon Skimmer stops working without (known) reason

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I've built a set of machines to deal with CO2, however, the Carbon Skimmer stopped working after a while.

Rebuilding the Skimmer made it work for a couple of seconds, then stop dead again.





Another thing I tried was attaching a signal switch to restart the machine - again, it worked for a couple of seconds before stopping once more.


I've asked people on the ONI discord for help, and was told that 300g of CO2 is needed to generate a packet of PH2O liquid - and I observed the following:

Whenever rebuilt the machine / restarted the automation, the skimmer would fill its inventory with CO2 - the CO2 is then consumed normally, and new CO2 is drawn into its inventory (but slower than it is consumed), and PH2O packets are emitted. However, as soon as the CO2 contents of the skimmer are below 300g, it stops dead, and won't consume any more CO2, nor emit PH2O.


The save file is attached in a .zip, just in case. Cheers!

Steps to Reproduce

1) Build a carbon skimmer (supplied with water and power, in reach of CO2 tiles)

2a) The skimmer draws CO2 from surrounding tiles as normal

2b) As soon as the skimmer's inventory drops below 300g of CO2, it stops working

3) Restart or rebuild the machine, then GOTO 2a ^_^

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