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  1. @Daxterr - you see, instead of Planning, I would be drawing the card that Planning would give me in the first place. It's still just an extra step to trade a 0 cost card against the next card in the draw pile (plus, you'll have one card less on your hand after using it) Maybe it helps with "that card that does damage whenever you draw it", but otherwise, I'm still not quite convinced... I guess there's one card that deals damage, when you discard any card from your hand, so you could gain the effect "for free" ? Seems like a weird combo to me :/
  2. A 0-cost card with the effect to draw a card, then place one card back onto the draw pile. Yes, it costs nothing to play, BUT you need to sacrifice a card from your hand. Scenario 1: 5 cards are drawn (A, B, C, D, Planning), E is the next on the draw pile. After using Planning, the hand looks like A B C D E, with one card yet to remove. The player then has 4 cards in his hand. Scenario 2: 5 cards are drawn (A, B, C, D, E), F is next on the draw pile. Planning is not in the deck, and the player has 5 cards to select from. Unless the player wants to inflate the discard pile, I don't see Scenario 1 having any advantages. Am I missing something?
  3. I believe it's only related to that boss in specific, but when I was dragging my attack card over his markers, they (aswell as the boss name itself) would flicker on/off each frame or so. The screenshot caught a moment where that info was currently invisible. (1080p, fullscreen, two monitors)
  4. As seen in the screenshot, the tooltip states " your draw pile". This seems a bit weird, especially, since it was an effect applied by an ally to an enemy. It made me scratch my head how an ally would debuff my character... especially, since the attack didn't even target her in the first place. Maybe reword it to something like "adds injury cards to the target" ?
  5. During negotiations, when having a certain number of arguments, the one at the top center will not display enemy attack numbers correctly, due to the indicator being too far above the displayed area of the screen (1080p fullscreen) Edit: it seems to happen, when the player character is additionally(!) hit by something... it also fixes itself when tabbing out of the fullscreen and then back in. I'll make sure to add a screenshot, when I notice this problem again...
  6. Fatigue triggers way too early

    Why not flip it around and give us a carrot instead of the stick? Add a buff for the first 6 (?) rounds. "Eager x6" - Cards gain XP when used. It wouldn't only feel less punishing, but you'd also have a counter for "how long" you can still get card XP.
  7. With a bridge selected, hovering over various menu items will cause the building ghost to be invisible, and only the input/output segments are displayed. This happens for bridges and other buildings alike.
  8. In order to build intersecting bridges, the build menu needs to be quit and re-entered (or a bridge task needs to be placed at a different location first). Otherwise, the build task can't be placed. The same thing will happen for both liquid and gas bridges.
  9. Yeah, I concur. I always expected it to work like that aswell.
  10. As of the Ranching Update Mark 1, this still applies.
  11. Bugged 'research complete' text string

    Can only second this. It also happens in R1-260847.
  12. Description for hatch temp is wrong

    I second this. It seems to even affect all of the other critters, too, not just hatches...
  13. I noticed something similar to that in OC-256131, the building "ghost" wouldn't disappear, and the dupes would continue building all the time (I don't think it showed the "broken" tooltip, however) On a sidenote, the game seems to allow building farm tiles over regular tiles, but not the other way round (?)
  14. While most (if not all) resources are visible in the overview - there is no "liquifiable" tab, nor was I able to find ice or any of it's derivates in any of the other tabs.