Can't generate any world seeds

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Game is failing to generate any world seeds. I've tried multiple classic and Spaced Out clusters, and they all fail to generate with the below message:



I've looked at the log file, and I see some traits that are causing issues. Ideally I would not use those traits during world gen, but it's not simple to figure out which ones cause issues and then to randomize one without problems.

EDIT: I've already done the delete StreamingAssets and re-verify song and dance. Didn't help :(

Steps to Reproduce

New Game > Survival > Classic > Terra Cluster with coordinates V-SNDST-C-2140651282-0 > Start Game

User Feedback

There's an issue playing the game on Fedora Linux specifically. @atarakt investigated it in this thread that it's an issue since at least Fedora 32. Switching to Proton will allow you to play the game. It's not clear why this is happening only on Fedora.

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I added comments and logs on the bug report mentioned here. I can reproduce the issue reliably on openSUSE.


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