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Cannot store Swampy Delights in Refrigerator

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Dupe

There are Swampy Delights at the Grill Station. Idle dupes never store them in the assigned refrigerator. However, there is no problem when using Ration Box instead.

Attached Pic#1: Swampy Delights left on the floor with Red Sweep Command (Storage Unavailable).


Attached Pic#2: An empty refrigerator permits for storing Swampy Delights.


Fast Worker Mode: On
Sandbox: Enable but never used in this save game
Debug: Enable but never used in this save game

Problem solved by feeding power to the refrigerator. It looks like refrigerator in DLC acts differently from the main edition.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open Save File.
2. Examine Swampy Delights and its errands.
3. try to check and uncheck Swampy Delight at Refrigerator.

Dimension (Food Storage).sav

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