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Cannot build Radbolt Joint Plate over background tile

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"Obstructed by back wall" Is the message shown when trying to place the Radbolt Joint Plate into a wall where the tile under the receiving end has been drywalled. This is inconsistent with other buildings.


While I am here, it would be great if I could build a building over the sending end, then it could be a floor plate for an Interplanetary launcher or a research lab.

Steps to Reproduce

Build a room like this and try to place a Radbolt Joint Plate



User Feedback

This has been an issue for a while, there's probably a bug already written up. You can workaround it by destroying the drywall tile, creating the Radbolt Joint, and then re-creating the drywall tile after it. You might not even need to wait for the joint plate to get built.

There shouldn't be anything preventing you from using it as a floor, I do it all the time, especially with railguns.

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