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Bouncing rover

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Rover is stuck in bouncing animation loop, likely a climbing animation.



Save file:

The Beyond3.sav

Steps to Reproduce

The rover was on the ladder when it was struck by a meteorite. The rover fell from the ladder and landed on the ground. It is now stuck in a climbing animation and cannot perform anymore actions.


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User Feedback

My rover got panicked and started to jerk like crazy in mid of space after the tile under its toe got destroyed by a meteor blast. I lol so hard but forgot to made a video clip of it. Saving and reloading the game fixed this issue. Apparently the meteor shower disrupted the path finding code.

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I had the same issue. After a meteor blasted nearby the rover just got crazy and started to bounce indefinitely. Saving and reloading the game solved the issue. But after reloading the same issue happened. Seems to be related to the meteor impact.

crazy_rover.mkv The Spacefaring Committee.sav

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