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Atmo Docks Yeet lead suits

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Can't Reproduce

If you follow the one yellow alert in this save, you will see a lead suit that is unclickable, embedded in the wall behind an atmo dock. 

I had a separate issue where dupes were taking off lead suits at a place that used to have an atmo suit checkpoint, but was disassembled, though those suits at least continued to exist. 

Player.log Cosmos.sav

Steps to Reproduce

Have a dupe in a lead suit enter a ship past an atmo checkpoint.

User Feedback

The lead suit is inside the atmosuit dock. If you deconstruct the dock, it falls off. The other atmosuit dock has 2 more lead suits.

Also why do suits have priorities that can be yellowalerted even if they are not sweept or assigned?!


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Changed Status to Can't Reproduce

It's unclear what caused this but a bug was fixed in today's update. If it happens in the future please let me know.

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