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Achievements GMO A-OK bug

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내가 아는 한, Sweet Dreams 업데이트에서 진눈깨비, 노쉬 새싹 및 가스 풀은 돌연변이 씨앗을 만들 수 없지만 업적은 삭제된 씨앗을 원하므로 GMO A-OK를 달성할 수 없습니다.

그 목록에서 누락된 씨앗을 제거하십시오.


Steps to Reproduce

해당 목록에서 누락된 씨앗을 제거합니다.

User Feedback

From update 525812 :"Gas Grass plants are no longer eligible for the Exuberant mutation." meaning gas grass still has mutations, it just doesn't have the one mutation that will make it inoperable.

There was no other mention of a mutation retracted as far as I know. Sleet wheat and nosh sprout should mutate just fine.

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